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Woolley Grange Hotel & Spa, Bradford-upon-Avon, Wiltshire

Architects Dyer were engaged to prepare a feasibility study for the significant redevelopment and expansion of an existing luxury hotel and spa located in the Cotswolds.

We developed the initial design concept based on an appreciation of the network of existing historic stone walls that weave throughout the site. A number of new walls have been introduced to create a promenade from the car park at the west of the site to the walled garden at the east. These new walls provide the opportunity for the new accommodation to wrap around them in the traditional ‘lean-to’ fashion as used elsewhere on the site. This keeps the new buildings low, thereby minimising the impact of the new development on the views across the site and towards the listed manor house. The new walls each have their own identity depending on the accommodation which they are enclosing – the spa has small openings to give privacy to the clientele; the restaurant has generous glazed openings allowing views into the social spaces; the creche  has informal, irregular openings to allow playful views into and out of the buildings.

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