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West Kent College, Tonbridge

K College provides education and training to thousands of students in over 500 subject areas. It commissioned Dyer to redevelop its edge-of-town campus, which had become oversubscribed and unfit for purpose.

Dyer’s masterplan for the redeveloped campus incorporates a flagship new building and 5,900m2 of refurbished accommodation. The scheme provides the college with a secure, accessible and integrated campus in newly landscaped grounds, with excellent way-finding and connectivity. It consolidates construction in the centre of the site, a portion of which has been zoned for residential development.


The campus footprint takes in the existing art block and integrates it into a new 20,000 sq m main building. This is accessed from a public square to the north of the site, onto which it provides ‘shopfronts’ for hair salons and a training restaurant.

A new community hub channels users into the body of the main building, the focus of which is a full-height central atrium and its series of learning terraces. These follow the slope of the site and provide spaces for group and lone study, social and break-out time, ‘open’ teaching and exhibition. All areas have views into this buzzing heart of the campus, which in turn affords views out to the extensively landscaped setting.

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