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Architects Dyer begins our journey to Net Zero

Our business has taken its first important steps in our journey to Net Zero by signing up to the SME Climate Commitment to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by 2050. To begin this journey we have carried out an initial carbon footprint assessment for the last financial year.

We conducted the assessment using the SME Business Carbon Calculator by Normative which helps SMEs understand where their emissions come from, based on the average carbon footprints of similar companies in their sector and country.

By inputing data relating to our current operations, our emissions are calculated and broken down using the scopes defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP). This will help us to identify potential emissions hotspots in our own carbon footprint and reveal potential high-impact reduction measures.

The results have shown us that we generate no emissions from Scope 1 (direct emissions resulting from vehicles, fuel use or chemical leaks) and relatively small emissions from Scope 2 (indirect emissions resulting from bought electricity, cooling and heating). The majority of our emissions are generated from Scope 3 activities (indirect emissions occurring in the supply chain of an organisation not already included in Scope 2, such as emissions resulting from purchased goods and services, transport and business travel).

Our overall annual carbon footprint was estimated to be 26.6 tonnes CO2e, of which 89% was in Scope 3 activities. Going forward we will implement opportunities to reduce this on our path to becoming carbon neutral.

Of course, this only includes the carbon emissions generated by our business activities and not our designs. We recognise that our designs have a far greater impact in terms of carbon emissions and as such we are comitted to championing sustainable design and will encourage the use of materials and systems with low-embodied carbon wherever possible.

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