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The Stevenage Centre, North Herts College

The Stevenage Centre is a major new-build FE facility. On completion it was heralded by the LSC as a “quality benchmark for future colleges”, it is a state-of-the-art, secure, stimulating and sociable building designed for learner and community use on a 24/7 basis. On budget, it was successfully delivered to a tight programme led by decantation needs and – since opening - has boosted enrolments at the college by 27%.


The brief asked for a flexible, user-focused building that would promote informal shared learning with the ability to adapt to future trends. To encourage learners back into education, the college wanted a striking, landmark design. The building is located on a tight, corner site largely constrained by planning requirements in relation to the disposal of land. It is laid out as two wings of flexible teaching accommodation organised around a central atrium and three storey learning resource centre.


The atrium is a vibrant and dynamic space, expressed on the outside by a sinuous entrance façade of render, glazing and sustainably sourced cedar. Inside, it houses several learner support functions, including a careers advice point, drop-in IT learning shop and internet café. The reception is located beneath a signature pod housing a key skills development centre.

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